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Annette, bacchus, Eline, Jerko, Kiltran, laMouetteRieuse, maamseypa, mino, rapblues, SunFlower, toki, vronick

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rapblues, Jerko, bacchus

enAccessing the game - Downloadable version of Fundox

Fundox is available as a program which you can download and install in your hard drive (Windows XP SP3 or above).

This executable version allows you to access the online game and also to play offline against robots.

Downloading and installing the program

- CLICK HERE to download the installer (version 1.4.9, 2016/12/16).

- Open the downloaded file (ZIP archive).

- Double-click the file Fundox_Installer (application) and follow the instructions of the install wizard.


Some buttons are available in the title bar :

'Refresh' reloads the active screen. If you are playing online, you will be put back to the login window. If you are playing an offline game, this game will be cancelled and you will restart a new one.

hides the window of the application. Clic this taskbar icon to display it again :

These two controls in the status bar allow you to change "on the fly" the zoom and the volume :

If you want to quickly turn the sound off or on, click on .

Interface settings

By clicking the 'Settings' button, you can see a new 'Interface' tab, which is missing in the usual online version of the game :

'Language' changes the language of the interface, not the language of the game which you are currently playing

If Display the notifications of the game in the taskbar' is checked, notifications will appear in the Windows taskbar after some events occurring in the online game :

Notifications are displayed when :

- After a disconnection.
- When you receive a private message.
- When another player wants to join your table.

They are shown only if the window of the program is not in the foreground as the event occurs.

The icon of the taskbar informs you if you are currently connected or disconnected .

Single-player offline games

To start a game, first check the robots against which you want to play at the right side of the window, and then click 'Start'. The "green" robot (Robot 1) can't be unchecked.

Before you start a game, you can choose your player name and other options of the game by clicking the 'Game' tab of the settings box.

If you want to quickly restart a game, click 'Refresh' in the title bar.


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