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enAccessing the game - System requirements

Minimal hardware requirements :

PC (500 Mhz) or Mac (800 Mhz), 512 Mb RAM

Notice : some old AMD processors are unable to run Silverlight.

Operating System :

PC: Windows XP SP3, Vista or Seven.
Mac : Mac OS 10.4.8 or above.

Linux is not yet supported but could be in the close future, as soon as Moonlight (Silverlight port on Linux) is available in version 4. Moonlight should eventually allow  play on other platforms like Android.

Web browser:

Internet Explorer 6 or above
Firefox 2 or above
Safari 2 or above
Chrome 4 or above

Internet Connection :

A little as 512 Mb/s should be sufficient.

It is possible to play using a slow Internet connection, but the initial loading of the game can take some time. Subsequent game loadings can take up to two minutes if there has been an update of the game client. If there has been no update, opening the game is lightning fast.

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