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enHow to play ? - Game options

Game options

There are two options for rated games:

- the option to prevent stealing a word with an 'S' plural on the end
- the option to clear the board

By combing them, these options offer four types of games :

- No S steals, no clearing (NSNP)
- S steals allowed, no clearing of the board (uncommon)
- No S steals, with clearing (No S)
- S steals allowed, clearing allowed (No rules)

Changing options

The options selected by the captain of a table are indicated by the following symbols :

 S steals allowed
 No S steals
 No clearing
 Clearing allowed
 Clearing allowed except during the first turn

The options below show a game which has no S steals and does not allow for the board to be cleared (NSNP) :

If you set a table you can choose the options you want by clicking "options" either from the lobby or once on the table :

Only the "captain" can change the game options before the game is started :

Target score and time per turn

The target score is the number of points at which the game ends. The first player who reaches or exceeds it wins the game.

The most common values are 35 or 40 points. The minimum is 20 points.

The time per turn is the maximum time available to put a word. If this time has elapsed and no valid word has been played, the player does not score and the hand passes to the next player.

Most players generally choose 40 seconds. The minimum time allowed is 15 seconds.

"No S" games

In a "No S" game, although you cannot steal a word with an 'S' on the end...

(this word is rejected and an error message is displayed : You cannot steal a word with an S plural in this game)

... you may place an 'S' next to a single letter :

Allow clearing

When you choose the option to clear the board, its appearance will change from...

... to :

The eight pink squares will clear the board if a letter from a valid word is placed on them.

The twenty orange boxes are 'bonus squares'. When you play a word on these you earn a bonus point which is redeemed when you clear the board and can give a significant score advantage.

The number of bonus earned by each player is shown below their name :

Once the board is cleared the bonus points for all players are reset to 0.

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