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enHow to play ? - Guidelines for new players

1. Guidelines for new players
2. Rules of the game
3. Scoring
4. Game options
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Welcome Newbie !

If this is your first time here at Fundox, here are some tips to get started :

. To familiarize yourself with the game, click the "Observe" button on a table where a game is taking place (at the top of the screen).

. To begin a game, click the "Join" button on an empty table and wait for other players to join you. Or check the box to play a Robot.

. To join a game, click the "Join" button below a table already occupied, in order to ask its occupant to play with you.

. For your first games, select to play those with lower ratings, e.g. below 1700 (this figure is shown to the right of each name, indicating the rank of the player).

Please feel free to ask questions to other players if you feel lost and require any assistance.

Have fun ! :-)

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