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deRegelung - Code of conduct

1. Code of conduct
2. Moderation
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The aim of Fundox and its staff is to encourage self-moderation by players in order to create an enjoyable gaming environment.

A number of significant issues are covered in the FAQ and we had hoped that these, combined with common sense, decency and courtesy, would prevail on Fundox ; and this is the case for the large majority of players.

However the actions of a few have led to it being necessary to clarify a number of issues in the best interests of the site and of players.
What is expected of players :
- While in Fundox, you are required to show respect and consideration for other players, for staff and for the site.

- You are expected to demonstrate self-control and take responsibility for your own actions. This includes not disrupting the lobby with disputes, and using the ignore or private message functions if necessary.

- While we are generally quite liberal, complaints regarding issues such as user-names, swearing, provocation, inflammatory remarks or behaviour, harassment, name-calling, racism, intimidation or agitation will be dealt with.

- Issues or disputes from other sites should not be brought into the Fundox lobby.

- Playing two user names created on the same IP address in order to artificially boost ratings may result in technical problems on the site and a reduction in rating rather than an increase.

- You will be expected to comply with requests by our staff. Failure to do so may result in sanctions such as muting or removal from the site.

- If you wish to appeal a sanction, an email outlining mitigating circumstances should be sent to
What can be expected of staff :
- Support staff will do their best to provide information and advice to players, dissipate situations and treat players with respect.

- Genuine complaints regarding other players will be dealt with in strictest confidence.

- When dealing with complaints or inappropriate behaviour, where possible a warning will be issued before any action is taken.

- Players known to be trouble makers or repeat offenders will be dealt with accordingly and without warning.

- Staff retain the right to use discretion regarding individual situations and any ensuing sanctions, however in general we aim for the "three strikes" rule: Strike 1 - 30 minute mute; Strike 2 - 24 hour mute; Strike 3 - long term mute. Players who incur long term mutes on three player names may also incur an IP address ban.

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