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Development :

Testers :
Annette, bacchus, Eline, Jerko, Kiltran, laMouetteRieuse, maamseypa, mino, rapblues, SunFlower, toki, vronick

Themes :
rapblues, Jerko, bacchus

Translations : 
ManOfSteal, MissGnomer

enHow to play ? - Scoring

Colour system

Each player has their own individual colour.

The colour is assigned according to order of arrival at the table :

- the first player (captain) - red
- second player - green
- third player - blue
- fourth player - gold

Your colour appears next to your name on the right of the screen :

When you play a valid word on the board the letters will take your colour.

For example Tweedledee plays SHAPE on the centre square :

Once the word is validated, all letters become red, which is Tweedledee's playing colour :

Tweedledee scores 5 points because the word has 5 letters :

Each letter is worth one point, no matter how common or rare.

Stealing Words

Tweedledee played SHAPE and Tweedledum is about to play the word HATING placed underneath :

Once the word is validated, the letters of Tweedledum turn green together with the new words formed :

Tweedledum therefore "steals" all five letters of Tweedledee's word and makes them into new words.

As a result, Tweedledee loses the points originally gained, which are added to Tweedledum's score :

The technique of placing a word parallel to a word of your opponent is called "stacking".

The score of each player is the number of letters that appear in their colour on the board.

If you have 25 points and are the color green, it means there are 25 green letters on the board (unless you have enabled clearing).

Of the 25 letters, it is possible that you actually have placed 14 and the other 11 were stolen from your opponent.

Stealing with "extensions"

Having had their previous word 'stolen', Tweedledee strikes back by adding a word which adds a letter to the existing word SHAPE :

It works !

With the addition of the "N" to SHAPE, Tweedledee regains the lost 5 points, which is added to the tally of the vertical word FATLING.

Tweedledum loses a total of 6 points, through the loss of SHAPE and the "G" of HATING, which have now turned red.

So, the gain of this move is not just 7 points from the word placed (FATLING), but 12, thanks to the 'stealing' of the word SHAPE.

How about games with pinks?

In games where clearing is allowed (usually referred to as a 'pinks' game), the same system is used, but adds bonus points upon clearing, which is explained in the next section.

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