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mon copain ROBOT4
Ping robot dash does not spell gains

Following the Wall Street Journal featured the organization's ping pong-playing robot onto its front page in January 1985, national and local newspapers and tv channels jumped on the Simplicity Tool Co. bandwagon.

NBC's Today Show flew robot inventor Gus Berliner and business president and his wife to New York to look. (The series had Berliner play against the robot). David Letterman taken ping pong balls and purchased among those robots. Tales were completed by Each of 3 television network affiliates . The Oregonian featured a photograph spread.
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And a week, the business declared its R-II and R-III ping pong-playing robots will likely be showcased in Oregon's booth at Expo $86 at Vancouver, B.C.. The machines are going to be a display from the Oregon Pavilion. Live presentations will be held May 24 to 26 and Sept. 19 to 21.
Certainly, Simplicity Tool is sexy.

Why then have not earnings gone through the roof?

"With all that promotion, it is wonderful just how many individuals have never heardit," that the 79-year-old Berliner laughs. "It makes you wonder exactly what (advertisements and promotion ) are all about."

A flurry of requests led after the first Wall Street Journal article. However, another focus has led to little, if any, deviations in the earnings standard, Berliner said.

Really, while Berliner was racking up what likely amounts to tens of thousands of dollars worth of free air time and newspaper space devoted to his table tennis robot, even the mild production company was quietly making its cash selling and producing antennas and hardwood siding covers.

[Image: Ping-pong-bar-Smash-to-open-in-Wimbledon..._large.jpg]

Berliner said the organization's sales generally total approximately $600,000 to $700,000 annually, divide about evenly between the antennas and siding covers. The dining table tennis robots, about which most of the fuss was made, constitute a very small portion of the company's business. Berliner said the company has sold roughly 3,000 because he invented the unit from the early'70s.

The business produces, two variations of the robot the first R-II, that sells for $485, and also the R-III Loop, for $645. The latter is much more elaborately constructed and will imitate the"loop" table tennis popularized from the Oriental, Berliner said.

Simplicity Tools Co. opened its doors in 1954 as antenna maker. Revenue were few in these ancient days as the sole station broadcasting then had been Channel 27, stated Berliner, who purchased the company in 1963.

He enlarged the company and switched its attention on antennas for cable systems. The business now features 136 distinct versions of sound pub yagi bays, yagi arrays, quad arrays, vertical piles and other futuristic-sounding antenna versions.

Another firm of Berliner's Marx Fabricating, a manufacturer of wooden reels for Alcoa and other aluminum companies, was recently dissolved. Berliner has since rented the distance to a woodworking business.

Simplicity started manufacturing siding covers in 1963. The pre-cut, pre-fittedaluminum covers are utilized on homes to protect corners and joints in wooden and aluminum siding. Berliner estimated that he ships two million joint covers annually to buyers in the building market. Clients include Weyerhaeuser, Masonite and other brand manufacturers best ping pong robots ping pong start.

Now, Berliner is considering expanding to the walking cane enterprise. He has develop a lightweight, flexible, aluminum cane layout he says could be placed into production. Berliner is not yet sure about the prospects for this a cane. The company hasn't yet produce almost any manufacturing program or revenue projections.

Berliner started work on the ping pong robot following his two children left home and that he had been left with no playing partner. Berliner had in mind a machine very similar to a baseball pitching machine, using wheels to hurl the ball forwards. The robot includes arms that support pliers. The netting catches balls returned from the human player then sends them back into the robot for a different function.

The very first complex part was discovering wheels which may throw a ping pong ball with no squishing it, and the moment has been coming up with the appropriate gearing and mixes to replicate the backspins, overspins and curves of table tennis.

The latter barrier was cleared using a few little electrical motors with nylon . The initial problems was harder.

"The problem in throwing a ping pong ball is the fact that it is so damn mild," Berliner said. Finally, leather belting substance was found to really go around the wheels and also hold the ball without damaging it.

A rough draft of this machine was made in 1974. Sitco T.T. Robots Inc., a subsidiary of Simplicity Tools, has been made to Advertise the robot.

STrong interest come on from Japan and West Germany, both powerful table tennis locations. In these times, 30 to 40 machines per month were being marketed to Japan. The following 15 to 20 per month were promoting at West Germany. Over half of the 3,000 robots offered have gone to overseas bussinesses.

SAles then dropped when Simplicity Tools' Japanese distributor came out with a robot of its own. The one difference between both machines, Berliner explained, is the Japanese version didn't have the automated ball recycling attribute the American version failed.

[Image: ping-pong-side-difference-880x510.jpg]

"There is not much we could do about it," he explained. "We have a couple patents, but these items are easy to go around. And we are not likely to visit Japan and sue them." Simplicity now expects greataer earnings of the robot due to a heightened interest in the game. Table tennis was embraced as an Olympic sport and will be showcased in the 1988 Seoul, Korea Olympic games. Berliner last year contributed a Sitco robot into the U.S. Table Tennis Association, which utilizes it in its training centre in Colorado Springs, Colo..

"The most innovative players will not use it much as a specialized training system but as a work out," explained Robot Tretheway, national manager of the U.S. Table Tennis Association. "It is alos simpler on the trainer. I am able to take the controls off the table and also return and forth sid on a seat. read more"

Normally, controls enabling the player to change spins and directions are clamped under the table. They are removable and may be manipulated remotely.

"I've found it especially great for entry-level juniors," Tretheway said. "It is fun. It assists them plays a bit longer" Tretheway said the robot has difficulty replicating a few shots--its own loop shooter has a lot of topspin and it can not do a fall shot in any way. And"it can not produce an aggressive sittuation with plan," he explained. However,"it is actually the only real machine. There is just another machine on the planet worth studying (Stiga's from Sweden). Plus it can not recirculate the chunks how the Sitco robot "

But its likely that the robot will stay just a sidelight to get Simplicity Tools.

While the press continues lavishing time and distance to a device he invented almost as a lark, Berliner said he will continue to manage sales and development of the organization's actual bread and butterthe antennas, siding covers and also possibly the cane.

"We are diversified," he explained. "Along with the benefit we have is that no one (of Simplicity Tool's goods ) are associated with another." Berliner said he favors the eccentric mixture of merchandise lines; the clipping from little markets where earnings are normally large and competition is generally non-existent.

"It saves a great deal of stress," he explained. "I despise the combating an squaling which goes on in various other sectors."
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RE: mon copain ROBOT4
je donne ma langue au chat!

GENESE peut être

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